Health energizes life.

Noble VetScience LLP, a subsidiary of Noble Lifescience Singapore, is focused on manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of natural, chemical-free phytogenic feed supplements that deliver holistic health for the poultry and livestock industry.

What started as creation of successful Poultry products based on the science of Life Energy in 2003, has in the year 2016, seen Noble Group reinvent itself, as part of a global expansion strategy, extending this original research to agriculture, aqua, dairy, pets, piggery. Noble LifeScience, Singapore has been set up as the headquarters and the global R&D centre for the company.

Founder’s vision

Noble group was founded by Dr. Subhash V Vaidya, one of the most respected nutritionists in the Poultry Industry in India. Dr Vaidya holds a PhD in Poultry Science and a rich experience spanning over 45 years, To his credit, he has published over 35 articles, 10 research papers and 12 scientific reviews and has worked as editor, AGRIPA – FAO. He has worked on significant industry bodies like CLFMA India, Planning Commission of India for Livestock Development.

In 1993, for the first time in India, Dr Vaidya successfully applied the concept of poultry feed without any animal protein source, based 100% on vegetable protein source, which has become the industry norm today.

Concerned by the adverse effects of improper chemical and antibiotic use in poultry and other animals, in 2005, Dr. Vaidya began his pioneering research on the science of Life Energy and designed a unique process to tap into the Life Energy from plants. Subsequently, this research developed into formulation of breakthrough phytogenic feed supplements that deliver results in key areas like growth, production improvement, feed efficiency and disease resistance.

Our commitment

Research & Development
We are deeply committed to R&D of breakthrough phytogenic products using our in house, proprietary techniques at our research facility supported by scientific studies and field trials. All our products are natural and organic.

Sustainable & Profitable Farming
Ideally suited for sustainable farming, the products improve the health, quality of yield and productivity of farm animals.

Safe from Farm to Table
We enable farmers, growers, integrators of livestock produce to deliver high quality, safe, healthy and residue free animal protein products from farm to table.

World View
Farming of the future is already at our threshold and our vision is a world which is progressively free of antibiotic resistance and the effects of toxins and chemical contaminants in our environment and in our food.

The Science of Life Energy

At Noble LifeScience, the pioneers in application of the science of Life Energy, we approach health in a holistic manner.

Health is the vitality of a living organism from the cellular level upwards. This vitality is preserved by a continuous energy flow known as Life Energy. When the flow of Life Energy is interrupted it results in a reduced performance of cells and organs thereby introducing disease and distress into the system.

Through our original research we have formulated poultry feed supplements that restore this Life Energy flow throughout the system thus delivering Holistic health.

We believe that the Science of Life Energy is the science of the future and we work to build awareness, conviction and availability across the world.

The Products

Our products have application across multiple areas such as enhancing nutrient metabolic activity, improving the gut health, detoxifying the body daily, vitalizing the endocrine glands, strengthening the respiratory system and immunity and maintaining normal physiological and sexual functions.

The products are made from carefully selected and handpicked plant extracts from natural & organic herbs and plants. This is a rich source of plant extracts, which when put through our proprietary process, are energized and formulated into products to prevent disease occurrence and restore health at cellular level.

All the products have been tested through extensive lab and field trials over last ten years at Universities, farms, hatcheries and feed manufacturers within the Indian subcontinent. Scientists, doctors and animal nutritionists working in respective areas have validated the significantly positive impact of these products consistently.

The role of chemicals, antibiotics or synthetic additives in farming can be significantly reduced by using these products. We stay committed to this end by offering economical, effective, organic and environmentally safe products to the industry.

Technical Advisory

As a part of the integrated Noble VetScience offering we also provide poultry management advisory to the poultry farmer who is focused on driving profitability.

Our experienced nutritionists provide feed formulation services, through which we help optimize feed cost and improve FCR. We also provide Farm and Hatchery Management Advisory, which help the farm management to become more result-oriented and efficient.

We analyze the disease trend and give inputs on how to mitigate the same. We also routinely offer lab services to our customers with a reputed lab partner, so that the farm is able to carry-out hassle free testing and have a finger on the pulse of the farm.

Manufacturing & Quality

Noble practices current Good Manufacturing practices (cGMP British Standard institution) to ensure the high quality and purity of every product made in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015 (TUV NORD) certified facility.

The manufacturing plant, located at Jejuri Maharashtra, has a a production capacity of 5MT per day with two separate production lines dedicated to liquid and powder supplements. The additional in-house Lab facility ensures a thorough testing of raw materials and finished products.

Research & Development

Research & Development is at the core of what we do and hence we continue to invest substantially in formulations extending the application of the Science of Life Energy.

Noble LifeScience, Singapore - our Global Headquarters spearheads the research work spanning the creation of breakthrough phytogenic products using our in house, proprietary techniques at our research facility supported by scientific studies and field trials across locations.

All our products are natural and organic.