Tap into our expertise

We believe that our services are a very valuable part of our relationship with customers which give them the confidence to use our products for their profitability.

We provide services in the areas of optimizing the feed formulations, farm & hatchery management and Nutritional Lab testing.

Going Antibiotic free

As we battle the threat of antibiotic resistance, our research and development efforts have been focused on enabling the farms to create produce with ZERO antibiotic residue.

We provide Anti-biotic Free Transformation (AFT) for the farmers who want to better the quality and health of produce.

Work with us to transform your farming practice to anti-biotic residue free, without affecting the profitability using breakthrough Life Energy product range.

Feed formulations

We facilitate least cost feed formulations under the able guidance of our nutritionists.

The use of technology helps us get detailed information about formulations.

For broilers, breeders and layer birds, we use latest specifications for raw materials and the hatchery standards for finished products.

Farm and Hatchery Management

Our technical inputs in farm and hatchery management are very valuable to the user as this is an ongoing service.

This service is available to our customers online as well as on the basis of selective visits to Breeding Farms and Hatchery facilities of the client.

Lab Testing

Assistance is available to clients in nutritional analysis of the raw materials and finished products for proximate composition such as for moisture, protein, oil, crude fibre, acid insoluble ash, calcium, phosphorus and salt.

We also help the client for feed contamination studies and provide technical opinion on the same.