Respiratory distress can destroy poultry livestock.

  • Respiratory infections in poultry are commonly associated with a number of viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma infections and other factors such as pollutants, dust, moulds, chemicals, gases and allergens.

  • These lead to:

  • • Respiratory infections and inflamation of the respiratory organs

  • • Increased secretion of mucus and congestion of lungs

  • • Interference with the oxygen availability to the respiratory organs, especially lungs

  • Thus directly affecting the livability of birds and leading to mortality.

How does Response work

  • RESPONSE works on restoring the obstructed flow of Life Energy in the alveolar cells (lungs) and respiratory tract epithelial cells, by clearing the pathogens and debris at cellular level.

  • The following energized phytogenic extracts help relieve respiratory distress.

  • • Droserone and Elenoside help clear the respiratory tract.

  • • Jonon and Cineole help improve lung capacity.

  • • Atropine and Hyoscyamine help improve the oxygen carrying process.

  • 1 Clears the tract: Reduces the mucus secretion and clears the respiratory passage

  • 2 Ups the lung capacity: Improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the lungs

  • 3 Improves oxygen supply: Improves the supply of oxygen to blood and the brain

  • 4 Triggers defence: Activates body defence with immune modulator property

Proof of performance

Sample size

  • Conducted on 60000 broilers in each flock x 6 flocks December 2015 • MH, India


  • 25 days onwards - Respiratory distress

  • Respiratory rales

  • Mortality up

  • Substandard daily weight gain


  • RESPONSE in water for the first 7 days

  • Repeated from day 21 till liquidation of the flock

Observations & Conclusions

  • No respiratory rales

  • Improved daily weight gain

  • Mortality under control


  • RESPONSE should be used routinely, mixed with feed to protect against respiratory diseases and other contributory factors in poultry.


  • In feed - 250g / MT regularly

  • In water - For Broilers - 7g / 100 birds from 6th - 10th day and repeat again on 20th - 27th day of age.

  • For Layers & Breeders - 7g / 100 birds for 5 days / month