• 100% replacement to synthetic vitamin C in poultry

  • It is stable than the synthetic compound

  • Regulates homeostasis of calcium in the body

  • Modulates corticosteroid production in heat stress

Vitamin C in poultry plays a critical role in growth, strength and immunity of poultry.

  • In nature, poultry is able to synthesize vitamin C from natural feed stuffs through endogenous biosynthesis in the kidneys. However the rate of endogenous biosynthesis is influenced by stress factors. During heat stress there is a slow down of the biosynthesis process which leads to vitamin C deficiency affecting critical functions.

  • VITC restores this biosynthetic process and enables the metabolic role of normal vitamin C.

How does Vit C work

  • VITC triggers-in biosynthesis of aldosterone in adrenal glands to regulate electrolyte balance in the tissue, which in turn maintains the flow of Life Energy in the cell.

  • VITC plays an important role in the biosynthesis of Calcitrol from vitamin D3 metabolic conversion – which helps as an immune modulator and helps build stronger bones.

  • VITC helps in production of indigenous Vitamin C during heat and other stresses.

  • 1 Maintains the immune system (phytogenic extracts of quercetin and ascorbic acid)

  • 2 Optimizes the production of stress hormone - cortisol (extracts of Atrocorpus lakoocha and Carisone)

  • 3 Supports endogenous vitamin C to prevent the heat stress (extracts of Tamarandus, Limonene and Citrus)


  • VITC should be used regularly throughout the year. In summer and in case of stress, VITC should also be added to drinking water.


  • In feed - 100g / MT for regular use

  • In water - 7g / 100 birds