• Enhances egg production in layers and breeders

  • Restores drop in egg production due to any kind of stress

  • Reduces possibility of egg shell cracking

  • Improves settable egg percentage in breeders

Consistent and high egg production means optimal profits from layers and breeders.

  • Seasonal changes, diseases, vaccination, imbalanced feeding, poor health, other management disturbances disrupt the egg production. This results in fluctuations in egg production, lower peak production, poor shell quality and more feed consumption per egg.

  • EGGS UP ensures

  • • Proper functioning of the reproductive organs

  • • Natural flow of natural hormones, required for egg production

  • • Better nutrient availability

How does Eggs Up work

  • EGGS UP has been formulated by extracting and potentizing the select organic botanicals known to trigger reproduction related functions.

  • In layer and breeder EGGS UP maintains the flow of Life Energy in the uterine wall, thus leading to steady release of calcium in the uterus and reduced egg cracking.

  • It improves the overall tonicity of the uterus and restores the ovarian function thus reducing the chance of infections and cyst formation.

  • 1 Improves the ovulation process (extracts of Profonemonin and Cimicifugoside)

  • 2 Increases the tonicity of the uterine wall releasing steady calcium for better egg shell (extracts of Calcarea)

  • 3 Prevents the formation of regressive ovary (extracts of Somnine)

Proof of performance


  • Regular use of EGGS UP helps in maintenance of egg production and helps to improve egg production and quality of eggs. Thus it is well suited in case of drop in egg production, to reduce the egg breakage and cases of thin shelled eggs. 10 days a month program is recommended.


  • In feed - 200g / MT

  • In water - 7ml / 100 birds during stress for 10 days