What is Life Energy?

The entire planet system is compressed energy. This energy got converted into chemical energy and finally to physical matter.

Thus all matter animate and inanimate present on earth is made of the same energy. In living things this energy is lively and actively involved in life processes and therefore is called Life energy.

The primary function of this Life energy is to drive all the life activities and its strong presence and uninterrupted flow in a living system is an indicator of good health.

A cellular perspective

The Cells are the building blocks of life. An active, alert and healthy body is made up of billions of cells. The cells transfer nutrients and information needed for the process of life to one another thus maintaining a continuous flow of energy at a micro level within a living system.

This energy is the cells Life Energy and its balance is critical for the health of the cell.

Health and Life Energy

Good health is when the cell is active and virile, able to transmit this condition to another cell through the flow of Life Energy thus aggregating to energized tissue, lively organ and a body full of life.

The most effective way to regain health is to restore the Life Energy Balance at the cellular level and maintain the flow of Life Energy throughout the living system.

Life Energy Imbalance

Every process that occurs in a larger organism namely: ingestion, assimilation, ejection, defense, propagation occurs completely at a cellular level too. Thus, the failings in health first occur at the cellular level.

Cell requires good nutrition, steady oxygen supply and efficient waste disposal system. The cells have built in information system to carry out these requirements and communicate with other cells as well.

Disturbance at a cellular level due to the various stresses and stimuli at the body level, results in a disturbance of its Life energy. This primarily leaves the cell unable to dispose off the toxic waste.

The waste buildup in turn blocks the flow of nutrition, reduces oxygen supply and leaves the cell dysfunctional. The state of the cell then gets aggregated to the tissue, organ and finally the entire body.

This impacts the defense and recovery performance and the body starts to suffer. Deficiencies, diseases and pathogenic attacks start with the Life Energy imbalance.

Life Energy Imbalance in farm animals

In farms where the focus is on improving productivity and profitability, animal health & welfare goes on the back burner.

Life Energy imbalance in farm animals is frequently caused by factors like upgraded genetic potential, intensive rearing, high-density nutrients, prolific use of antibiotics and vaccinations, improper nutrition, excitement, stress, defective body management, weather changes or other external stimuli.

Imbalance in Life Energy leads to diseases including nutrient deficiencies, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalances, pathogenic microbial infections, and loss of immunity – affecting organs like lungs, liver, kidneys and digestive track.

This impacts key physiological systems such as digestive, circulatory, renal, reproductive and nervous, affecting the normal functioning of the body.

3 levels of health management in farm animals.

Physical Level
Includes nutrition, vaccination, and management such as airflow – oxygen, temperature, humidity, space, litter and so on. Nutrition also covers few feed supplements such as enzymes, pre/pro biotic, acidifiers and toxin binders.

Chemical Level
By adding various chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Antibiotics, Coccidiostats, de-wormer are such examples. These are strong and act directly and effectively irrespective of body support. But the drug resistance and their side effects leave unpleasant feeling for the user. Herbal preparations where the alkaloids act against the disease are comparatively safe to use and are also a part of chemical level.

Energy Level
Managing the Energy balance is the third technique. Homeopathy is one such example. Homeopathy is established over two hundred years in humans. It is also applicable in animals.

The World is moving to Organic Animal farming.

There is a growing need for organic animal farming in the world today.

World Health Organization (1948), defines health as: ‘A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’

Health is a balance of physiological, psychological and chemical processes taking place in a living system. When any component is out of sync this state of balance is said to be disturbed and it has effects over all the processes involved.

A departure from accepted definition of health
Current approach to health is narrow and isolated and more focused on aggressively treating specific symptoms. This deviation from the accepted view of health has lead to unique challenges that have arisen due to indiscriminate use of antibiotics and synthetic chemicals in farming practices.

Superbugs – The focus shifts to Holistic health.

Approximately 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the United States are used in meat and poultry production. Scientific expert bodies for more than two decades have concluded that there is a connection between antibiotic use in animals and the loss of effectiveness of these drugs in human medicine.

There are two main routes, by which these superbugs can leave the farm and infect humans.  One is a direct route, in meat and poultry products, and the other is an indirect route through the environment.

There are over 14,000 laboratory-made chemicals that are being used as additives and preservatives in food items. While most of these chemicals have been individually tested by scientists and found to be within safe limits for consumption, there are hardly any studies done or data gathered over their effect in combination on the body. The main concern is that the cocktail of chemicals that’s present in food can over the long run have undesirable effects including carcinogenic.

How is the World going to counter this?

A challenge that calls for a breakthrough

We at Noble, find ourselves at a unique position equipped with a special understanding of the problem and knowledge of the solution.

Our approach to wholesome health in farming is a paradigm shift from viewing health as dependent on external factors to an approach that is organic, holistic, energy based and works at a cellular level. Thus laying the foundation to the new and yet to be fully understood science of Life Energy.

Plants as the Primary recepients of Life Energy

Plants play a vital role in the Life Energy cycle. This Life Energy is received by all living and non-living matter. The uniqueness of plants lie therein that they are able to harness this solar energy in the well-studied process of photosynthesis and produce food that is consumed by all living things in the food chain thus transferring this Life Energy to all living beings.

Back to Nature
Nature has had over 3 billion years to evolve and perfect a complex living and thriving symbiotic environment on this earth. Plants having been around for much of this time have evolved a system of nutrition and self-defense effectively. Plants have thus excelled as living laboratory in nature.

Plants as a reservoir of Phytogenics

Plants are a great reservoir of beneficial, plant protective complex biological compounds called phytogenics. Herbs in particular are extensively used for food, flavouring, medicine or perfume and have a range of phytogenics that are useful medicinally.

Phytogenics typically contain alkaloids, bitters, glycosides, cyanogenic compounds, flavonoids, phenols, polysaccharides, procanthocyanins, saponins, tannins, gums, terpenoids, volatile oils, fatty oils, minerals and vitamins that boost the body functioning at various levels having health restoring, protective and disease preventive properties.

Phytogenics have antibacterial, antifeedent, antifungal, antiviral and insecticidal properties and their synthesis therefore helps the plants protect themselves against predators such as bacteria, virus, fungi, cell damage, insects pathogenic microbes and even herbivorous mammals and other plants.

Phytogenics in action

So far about 13000 compounds have been isolated from these phytogenics and scientists feel this is still only 10% of the total. They are bioactive and pharma-active thus having great medicinal value.

Modern medicine has developed 122 compounds derived from ethno medical plant sources. 50% of prescription drugs have their origin from plant sources.

Aspirin, digitalis, morphine, codeine, digoxin are such few examples. These are all synthetically produced and have almost 99% purity.

Synthetic drugs are lifeless. They are usually one or two chemical compounds which when administered in low dosages help the microbes to learn from and evolve quickly thus rendering them useless in the long run; the more harmful side effect being greater drug resistance in the microbes.

Phytogenics in Action

Phytogenics in their natural form are interlinked with each other and also with plant moity and are found merged with carbohydrate, protein or oil fraction.

Naturally available in combinations of hundreds of compounds all of which act synergistically in minute quantities, they are very difficult to isolate and extract in isolation. Even their quantitative analysis under high-powered instrumentation is almost impossible.

The knowledge of their presence is also possible only in case of few strong aromatic herbs. They are however active and live when administered in the living body. Moreover their complex composition makes it extremely difficult for microbes to learn from and evolve.

The use of phytogenic compounds in animal growth and nutrition forms the basis of Phytogenics.

Phytogenics have gained popularity in farming due to it being natural, safe, effective and organic. Unlike medicines, phytogenics are supplementary in nature where they restore health by way of nutrition and boosting of the immune system.

Energization of Phytogenics

For Phytogenics to be effective, they need to be in an activated, energized state when they enter a living body. Many phytogenics based synthetic drugs lack this energization, leaving them ineffective.

Evolution of a Proprietary technique

We, at Noble Lifescience, have ventured into this fascinating world of phytogenics with a very new approach for providing health in animals and agriculture.

Through fundamental research in the science of Life Energy we have evolved a proprietary technique that is able to energize, preserve and deliver phytonutrients packed with the fundamental Life Energy in the final Phytogenic product at a cellular level, leading to breakthrough results.

Step 1

The first step in product formation is Formulation.

It is known that different parts of the plant contribute to different physiological functions in the living system.  Hundreds of phytogens have been evaluated, referring to ancient text as well as modern scientific literature on plants.

Phytogenic formulations thus created for the desired application on farm conditions are tested scientifically. This composition then is put through rigorous field studies and experiments to come up with most effective product.

Step 2
Phytogenic sourcing

Basis the final composition, organically grown plants of the purest quality are sourced from across the world.

Step 3
Extraction and Energization

The phytogenic extract from the plant selection are reduced to essential actives using solvent to enable instant cellular absorption.

The process of extraction and sequential activation is done using our proprietary technique. The solution dosed in sucrose, forms the final product.

This unique activation ensures the presence of the active Life Energy principle along with the phytogenic nutrients in the product.

Mode of Action

The phytogenic products are absorbed on application at cellular level thereby providing the cell with both micro-phyto-nutrients and micro-phyto-information.

This in turn leads to restoration of the body’s inherent defense and recovery mechanism resulting in physical, chemical repercussions in the specific systems in focus. These products are non-medicinal and work entirely to support the natural physiological functions of the body.

The process of restoration involves the removal of toxins from the cell. The nutrient and energy from phytogenic source reaches the affected organs cells, vitalizes the cells to break down the toxins and clear them.

This enables the cell for increased nutrient absorption and improved uptake of oxygen leading to normal and natural functioning, thus restoring the Life Energy balance, which permeates the entire organ and body.

All our products are stable and those in powder form can withstand pellet mill temperature. They can be given with any other feed supplement including chemicals and antibiotics. In water they can be used with any other supplement.

Effectiveness of Phytogenic Products

Our products have proven to be effective and safe to use both in field trials as well as in farms and hatcheries over several years.

The products have shown consistent results in key physiological systems such as circulatory system, digestive system, renal system, reproductive system, respiratory system, nervous system and skeletal system.

The products have been found useful in improving disease resistance, skin infections and work as excellent general tonic, by improving appetite and hence optimizing overall productivity.